Last Updated on July 19, 2015.

General Design Tips

  1. Use standard HTML code and provide HTML or ASCII forms of all documents presented in other formats. For graphics, use text-only alternatives of "alt" attributes.
  2. Use "alt" attribute supported by a variety of browsers.
  3. Have enough contrast so the background and text are distinct.
  4. Keep a standard footer that includes information on who wrote the page, a disclaimer/copyright, the time of the last update, a link to the homepage, and the URL of the page.
  5. Keep in mind a low "bandwidth," which pertains to the speed it takes to load the page.
  6. Maintain standard page layout to decrease confusion from page to page.
  7. Spell out abbreviations.
  8. Avoid using columns, charts, and graphs.
  9. Provide mechanisms for users to freeze moving objects.
  10. If the site has forms or other unavoidable custom designs give options such as e-mail, fax, telephone, mail, to provide the requested information.